Lake Moraine

Moraine Lake Canoe Rental: Everything You NEED to Know

A quintessential experience in the Rockies is to enjoy a Moraine Lake canoe. Paddling across Moraine Lake is an experience that we can not recommend enough. Only a few are fortunate enough to make it to this lake in the Canadian Rockies, and even fewer dip a paddle in its waters. The turquoise waters of …

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pyramid lake

11 Reasons to Visit Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park

Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park is one of the best places to visit in Jasper. This lake is a wonderful kidney-shaped lake right at the foot of the iconic Pyramid Mountain. It’s a local’s favorite and also a sight to see for all visitors to Jasper. Pyramid Lake is fairly big with a size …

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How to Hike the Crypt Lake Trail in Waterton National Park

The Crypt Lake Trail is one of the best things to do in Waterton and has been named one of the most thrilling hikes in the world and one of the best trails in Canada. Hikers reach the trailhead via boat from the Waterton Township for a full day on the trail. The Crypt Lake …

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quarry-lake in canmore

What to Know BEFORE Visiting Quarry Lake in Canmore

Quarry Lake is one of my favorite places to visit when searching for a beautiful and easily accessible relaxation point in Canmore. I love to ride my bike to Quarry Lake from our house multiple times a week for some exercise in the summer. I also frequently enjoy a leisurely walk around the lake, taking …

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Jasper Park Lodge

15 Jasper Lakes WELL Worth a Visit

Like nearby Banff, many Jasper lakes will make any visitor happy with delight. Thanks to the many glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, one can visit Jasper and enjoy the bright blue waters of glacial lakes, or sit back and relax on the canoe in a town favorite. No matter where you are in Jasper, you’ll …

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Spray Lakes in Winter

12 Lakes in Kananaskis That DO NOT Disappoint

The Canadian Rockies do not fall short on beautiful lakes, and Kananaskis Country is no different. Some of the most beautiful lakes in Kananaskis require a long hike to reach, while others are just off the side of the road. While Grassi Lakes, Elbow Lake, and Spray Lakes hold a special place in our hearts, …

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6 Reasons You Should Visit Cascade Ponds in Banff

Cascade Ponds is one of my favorite places to head to Banff when I just want to chill and enjoy my surroundings. Located right off the Trans-Canada, before you reach Two Jack Lake or Lake Minnewanka, you’ll come across Cascade Ponds. They are easily seen from the highway, but you could miss them if you …

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Carnarvon Lake

How to Hike to the Mesmerizing Carnarvon Lake

Carnarvon Lake has been on our list of hikes to check off for a long time, so when we had a free beautiful Monday, we decided it was time to get to it. I knew the end of the long hike would result in views of Caribbean blue water so stunning I would never want …

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11 Reasons to Visit Abraham Lake in Alberta (the Bubble Lake)

You’ve likely seen photos of Abraham Lake in Alberta, whether you know it or not. Abraham Lake is well known for the dizzying amount of methane ice bubbles that are locked away in the lake’s clear ice during the winter months. This man-made lake on the North Saskatchewan River in David Thompson Country is a …

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