how to get to moraine lake

How to Get to Moraine Lake in 2024

We often get asked how to get to Moraine Lake. Now more than ever, as no more private parking is offered at this stunning lake in Banff. Thankfully, seeing its beauty is still made easy with various options for getting there. From the Parks Canada Shuttle to private tours or biking and hiking your way …

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moraine lake vs lake louise

Moraine Lake vs Lake Louise: Which Banff Lake Should You Visit?

Comparing two of the most beautiful lakes in the world is no easy feat. Regardless we often get asked which Canadian Rockies lake is better to visit – Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. I don’t have children yet, but this question would be like asking me to compare two of my offspring. It’s impossible to …

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moraine lake sunrise

How to Visit Moraine Lake at Sunrise in 2024

Sunrise at Moraine Lake is a special experience that is on many visitors’ Banff itineraries. While catching the sunrise at Moraine Lake has never been a simple task, it’s a bit more complicated now with the new parking restrictions at Moraine Lake. Don’t fear though. There are still ways to welcome the day while the …

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How to Get to From Lake Louise to Moraine Lake 

How to Get From Lake Louise to Moraine Lake (In One Day) 

Thankfully, with the Parks Canada shuttles operating in the summer and multiple tour options, getting from Lake Louise to Moraine Lake (and vice versa) has never been easier. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to canoe on both lakes in one day, hike around them, or simply enjoy the views of the Ten Peaks and …

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moraine lake in may

Can You Visit Moraine Lake in May?

So you’ve booked your trip to Banff during the wonderful month of May. However, upon further research after booking, you realize that Moraine Lake Road does not typically open until June 1st. It’s a story we hear often. As visitors are nailing down their final plans, one of our most asked questions in April is …

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Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake • Guide to Visiting Canada’s Most Beautiful Lake

There is no image more iconic of the Canadian Rockies, or Canada for that matter, than Moraine Lake. The alpine lake is a wild turquoise blue fed by glacier melt and set against a backdrop of the Ten Peaks. This pristine piece of wilderness draws in millions of visitors a year and once graced Canada’s …

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moraine lake parking

Moraine Lake Parking: Changes You Need To Know

In 2024, Moraine Lake Parking will be officially closed to personal vehicles. This new policy came into effect in June 2023 to help alleviate some safety, preservation, and congestion concerns around Moraine Lake. Visitors can now visit the lake through the public shuttle bus system known as Park & Ride. Accessing the lake via bike, …

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Moraine Lake

When is the BEST Time to Visit Moraine Lake?

Moraine Lake is easily one of Canada’s most beautiful places. There is no image more iconic of the Canadian Rockies, or Canada for that matter, than Moraine Lake. It’s on every visitor’s bucket list, but when is the best time to visit Moraine Lake, and what is the Moraine Lake weather like? Moraine Lake is …

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moraine lake shuttle

Understanding the Parks Canada Moraine Lake Shuttle

The Parks Canada Moraine Lake Shuttle is the best way to see beautiful Moraine Lake. Parking has always been difficult at Moraine Lake, and visitors have always felt immense stress from seeing it in all its glory. Previously, over 5000 vehicles were turned away each day without getting the chance to see the lake. That’s …

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parks canada alpine start shuttle to moraine lake

Understanding the New Parks Canada Alpine Start Shuttle

Every summer millions of people flock to Banff, and most have one lake at the top of their bucket list – Moraine Lake. Many of those visitors want to see sunrise at Moraine Lake. Though it’s not just visitors with the sunrise goal, but plenty of locals are looking for a cheap and efficient way …

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