rimrock resort in banff

Rimrock Resort Hotel Review: Lavish Living in the Rockies

If you want to add a little luxury to your Banff vacation, a stay at the Rimrock Resort Hotel is a must! With impeccable fine dining, a luxury spa, and a new view from every window, the Rimrock Hotel in Banff is guaranteed to enhance your Canadian Rockies experience. The Rimrock Resort Hotel sits high …

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three sisters canmore

15 Best Canmore Breakfast and Brunch Spots

Start your day in the mountains with the perfect breakfast in Canmore. Make sure to fuel up before tackling the mountains and head to any of these restaurants or cafes in Canmore. Of course, many will choose to dine at their hotel when breakfast is included. However, not everyone wants a lackluster breakfast buffet that …

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Pyramid Lake Lodge

20 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Jasper

We share the best Jasper restaurants to enjoy on a trip to the quaint mountain town. For an alpine town of only 5,000 residents, there are some wonderful restaurants in Jasper. Visitors really are spoilt for choice with a wide range of cuisines and environment from which to choose. We really love eating out in …

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10 BEST Spots For Breakfast in Jasper

It’s best to start any day exploring the Canadian Rockies with a fantastic breakfast. If you’re exploring Jasper National Park for the day, you’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty of great places to have breakfast in Jasper. For such a small mountain town, there are surprisingly many restaurants and cafes to try …

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the best banff restaurants

28 DELICIOUS Banff Restaurants to Try in 2024! (Recommended by Locals)

Are you seeking out the best restaurants in Banff or wondering where you should eat in Banff? We share our favorite Banff restaurants in the picturesque mountain town. While most mountain towns might struggle to supply visitors with a wide selection of restaurants, that is certainly not the case in Banff. Banff offers a wide …

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Things to do in Golden BC

12 BEST Golden, BC Restaurants You Should Try

Searching for a bite to eat at one of the best Golden, BC restaurants after a day out exploring the mountains? Golden is a small town, and while it doesn’t have as many restaurant choices as nearby Banff or Canmore, there is surprisingly quite a bit on offer for a rugged mountain town. Let’s dig …

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canmore brewery

The BEST Canmore Breweries to Have a Drink At

The town of Canmore, home to the stunning Three Sisters and various popular restaurants, is another prime location for craft beer enthusiasts. Canmore is home to three main breweries, each with its own unique perk and each worth your visit! Be sure to treat yourself to one of the best breweries in the Canadian Rockies after crushing a beautiful local hike.  Best Canmore Breweries …

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canmore alberta

8 BEST Canmore Coffee Shops To Fuel Your Adventures

If you’re searching for coffee, don’t worry, there are plenty of Canmore coffee shops to choose from before you begin your Rocky Mountain adventure for the day. Whether you’re strolling down Main Street, or just swinging through Canmore on your way to Banff, there’s a place to grab an iced latte and a pastry. Let’s …

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30 BEST Edmonton Restaurants You Need To Try

As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton is a vibrant city surrounded by incredible wilderness! Many visitors search for the best restaurants in Edmonton when they visit and need somewhere to refuel after their adventures. Known mainly for high-quality beef, Edmonton also boasts a culinary scene that has captured the hearts of Alberta and all of …

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lake louise restaurants

14 DELICIOUS Lake Louise Restaurants You’ll Absolutely Love

At the beautiful Lake Louise and feeling peckish? While it may seem like a small off the beaten path area in the Rockies, there are surprisingly a good number of Lake Louise restaurants to try (for being in the middle of the mountains, that is). Whether we’re freezing our butts off at Lake Louise in …

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