Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka • DETAILED Guide to Visiting This Banff Lake

Lake Minnewanka is a beautiful lake in Banff that is just a ten-minute drive away from the town of Banff. The lake is 21 km long and 142 meters deep and helps power Banff with hydroelectric power. One of the top things to do in Banff National Park is to stroll along or take a …

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horseback riding banff

21 Beautiful Banff Cabin Rentals and Chalets to Get Cozy In

If you’re searching for the cutest Banff cabin rentals, we have you covered. Banff National Park has a lot of amazing things, including beautiful mountains, serene lakes, and neverending forests. Those together would make for a pretty epic destination, but the fact that there are some fantastic Banff cabins to get cozy in makes this …

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how to get from calgary to banff

How to Get From Calgary to Banff

Wondering how to get from Calgary to Banff? The International Airport of Calgary (YYC) is an excellent gateway to the Canadian Rockies. Many visitors to Banff find this is where their trip to the region starts. A Calgary to Banff journey starts from the city, then to the Alberta prairies, before setting your eyes on …

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How to Get to From Lake Louise to Moraine Lake 

How to Get From Lake Louise to Moraine Lake (In One Day) 

Thankfully, with the Parks Canada shuttles operating in the summer and multiple tour options, getting from Lake Louise to Moraine Lake (and vice versa) has never been easier. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to canoe on both lakes in one day, hike around them, or simply enjoy the views of the Ten Peaks and …

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moraine lake in may

Can You Visit Moraine Lake in May?

So you’ve booked your trip to Banff during the wonderful month of May. However, upon further research after booking, you realize that Moraine Lake Road does not typically open until June 1st. It’s a story we hear often. As visitors are nailing down their final plans, one of our most asked questions in April is …

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lake louise shuttle

Understanding The Lake Louise Shuttle in 2024

If you are a first-time visitor to Banff, chances are you have Lake Louise on your list. Over the years, there have been many changes in how we access some of the most popular places in the park, including paid lots and shuttle systems. The Lake Louise shuttle system undergoes some changes every year, but …

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banff springs hotel

What’s Staying at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Really Like?

When it comes to hotels in Banff, you really can’t beat the majestic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel for a luxury stay in the Canadian Rockies. After all, the place is literally modeled after a castle. The regal look and feel greet you at every twist and turn of the hotel’s infinite corridors. Sophistication oozes from …

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Lake Minnewanka Cruise

Is The Lake Minnewanka Cruise Worth It?

Lake Minnewanka is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Banff. Its beauty captures the hearts of nearly every visitor to the park. Even after seeing the lake numerous times throughout every month of the year, it never gets old. While enjoying the lake from its shores is satisfying enough, there’s another way …

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Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake • Guide to Visiting Canada’s Most Beautiful Lake

There is no image more iconic of the Canadian Rockies, or Canada for that matter, than Moraine Lake. The alpine lake is a wild turquoise blue fed by glacier melt and set against a backdrop of the Ten Peaks. This pristine piece of wilderness draws in millions of visitors a year and once graced Canada’s …

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moraine lake sunrise

How to Visit Moraine Lake at Sunrise in 2024

Sunrise at Moraine Lake is a special experience that is on many visitors’ Banff itineraries. While catching the sunrise at Moraine Lake has never been a simple task, it’s a bit more complicated now with the new parking restrictions at Moraine Lake. Don’t fear though. There are still ways to welcome the day while the …

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