Cameron has been featured as a travel expert with numerous publications worldwide and has spoken on several occasions about the power of travel. He has a passion for all things in the Canadian Rockies and loves to spend his time snowboarding, scrambling, camping, biking, and trail running. You can learn more on the about us page.

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  1. What can you tell me about the cell phone coverage in/around the Fairmont at Lake Louise? Is it strong, hit and miss, etc.?

    I love your blog. I have been reading all of your posts as my husband and I plan for our trip later this week. You have been a wealth of information, thank you!

    1. Hi Julie,

      It can be hit or miss depending on your provider, but in general I’ve always had pretty decent coverage around Lake Louise. Enjoy your time in the Rockies!

  2. So very glad I found your blogs on the areas in the Canadian Rockies. We are traveling there in July with another couple. We are active seniors who love the beauty of hiking in the national parks. It sounds like your two favorite hikes in Lake Louise area are the Beehive Circuit and The Plain of Six Glaciers. We are staying two nights at the Chateau. Do you recommend doing both hikes as separate hikes, one per day? We will stay one night on Moraine Lake and are thinking we will do the Consolation Lakes Trail.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      I do love the Beehives, but my favorite view of Lake Louise can be found on the Mount Saint Piran Trail ( If you are strong hikers I would combine the Beehives to the Plain of Six Glaciers in one day! Start early so you beat the crowds to the teahouse, which you’ll have the advantage of doing since you’re at the Chateau!