Hey, I’m Regan – an outdoor enthusiast living in the beautiful Bow Valley! I have always been eager to make the most of nature’s playground, mainly through hiking, skiing, and camping, and feel lucky to now be doing so in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. I believe that the Canadian Rockies have something to offer everyone, and I want to do my part in helping you explore the area and all its beauty! Follow my adventures: @regan.mahoney

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  1. What a very clear and nice explanation. We are already looking forward to stepping this trail in September 2022. Thank you so much Regan
    Thomas and Tamara

  2. I came across your site when I googled “Banff in October”. This is indeed an engaging and complete write-up on this hike. So many sites don’t think through the details or convey them well, or they do so cryptically. Or they just want to be cool or troll for clicks. This is clear, complete, and an interesting read. Your photos are very good too. I hope you’re getting the traffic you want, as it seems you have a great thing going here. I’ve done the walk to Lake Agnes, and depending on the weather in a week or so, I may try the scramble up to Devil’s Thumb, which I’ve never done. We get to Banff fairly often from our home in Kimberley. In any season, my whole life long, whether growing up in Sask or having spent over 20 years in BC, I’ve just loved the place all along. Hopefully the mild fall weather persists!