Natasha calls Canmore, Alberta home. After traveling across seven continents and 90 countries with Cameron, she settled down in the stunning Canadian Rockies. She is a winter enthusiast and loves to snowboard, ice skate, and nordic ski and enjoy all the fantastic summer opportunities in Banff like hiking, scrambling, and biking. Learn more on the about us page!

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      1. Thank you for the information. We are in the area early July and wondered if we would have time me to add this to our trip.

        1. You definitely have time to drive up a portion of the road. It’s not too far to drive to Bow Lake and turn around if you’re coming from Lake Louise. Of course there is a LOT more to the drive!

  1. Great blog Thankyou.
    We are coming from Australia to our daughter in Canmore and have booked 3nights in Jasperfrom 18 to 21 April. 2022
    Is this reasonable time for driving that road …have been to Canmore many times regards Judy, Manly nsw Australia

  2. Very well written, amazing details and full if useful information for the first time visitors like myself.
    A must read and keep article.
    Thanks to Natasha.

  3. We did the drive from Lake Louise all the way to Goats & Glaciers today, and your blog was essential for our trip. Peyto Lake was incredible – that blue! Mistaya Canyon was awe inspiring. The Weeping Wall was a great stop. All three made us say “wow!”. Thanks for your help!

  4. Natasha — my wife and I are headed to the Banff~Jasper area soon (staying in Canmore, actually) and I just spent a few *hours* reading all your amazingly detailed posts.

    You’ve done a bang-up job listing all the sights and ideas in the area, and I really can’t thank you enough. As a travel blogger myself, I like to leave thank-you notes when I can for people like you doing labor of love jobs like this. I’m sure we’ll have a brilliant time in Alberta, and it’s partly because of people like you. Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Good day.

    Thank you so much for the great information.

    I’m thinking of taking this trip by motorbike in late June. Have you any tips I should know about particularly for motorbikes?

    Thank you again. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Deb,

      We have never motorbiked the Icefields Parkway, but many of the same tips apply. For more information I suggest you contact Jasper Motorcycle Tours as they should be able to answer any questions you may have.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing all this very helpful info.
    We have just over a week ifrom 19 May arriving Edmonton (staying near a cousin) and hiring a car.
    We want to see the Parkway and either Banff or Jasper.
    Arrive one day, return to Edmonton the next. Sounds like a lot more going on in Banff.
    Any advice on best journey to see as much of Parkway with a few stops.
    Thanks. Jon UK

  7. Very informative and well written blog. I really enjoyed reading all the important takes you did. I always enjoyed driving this road. I called this road, “A drive of a lifetime” where all the scenic views are amazing. All the brilliant information you give comes in handy to other people that would like to enjoy Banff and Jasper and to also have a good itinerary for their visit. Kudos to your hard work!

  8. Thank you! Extremely comprehensive blog and it’s going to make our trip so much more enjoyable as you have already done the heavy lifting for us all😊

  9. Hello Natasha,
    Thank you very much for your amazing post!
    We are planning to visit Banff this August. And I’d love to have your suggestion.
    I plan to drive from Banff to Jasper, but I’m afraid that we might not have enough time to enjoy Peyto Lake, Bow Lake and Mistaya Canyon since we need to catch the Ice Explore at 2pm.
    Also, my friend said that we should drive from Jasper to Banff because the view is better.
    Your advice, please!


    1. If you leave in the morning you should have enough time to do all of that and make a 2:00 pm Ice Explorer ticket. The drive is gorgeous both ways and we can’t say we have any preference as to which direction is better.

  10. If I planning to go the Icefield parkway on 2-3 may 2024, will all lakes will be already blue, or it will be still in ice?

    1. Hey! They’ll likely be partially thawed. Some of the smaller lakes may be thawed such as Herbert or Waterfowl. Not sure about them being blue though. It’s all weather dependent.

  11. Such a great guide, Nathasha. My family and I are looking fwd to doing the Icefield Parkway drive this summer. We will def be using your interactive guide. Thanks a million!

  12. Thank you for this very helpful advice! We are looking at a trip to Banff in mid Sept. and wondered about driving Banff to the Icefields and then back to Banff in one day. When does sun set tend to happen around the Sept 15 and is this drive doable if we leave early around 8 am? Also, will have to worry about snow? Thank you for your help!

    1. Hey Lisa the sun sets around 9:00 during that time of year. It all depends on how far you want to drive along the Icefields Parkway. We recommend day trippers to turn around at the Columbia Icefields Discovery Center. There is definitely a chance of snow, but it will likely only be on the peaks and a light dusting on the ground if it snows. Nothing to worry about for the roads until later in October.

  13. Great article!! Very informative. We will be in the area from August 31-September 8, 2024. Staying in Canmore first then heading to Jasper on 9/3/24 and that’s when we will be driving the parkway.