Cameron has been featured as a travel expert with numerous publications worldwide and has spoken on several occasions about the power of travel. He has a passion for all things in the Canadian Rockies and loves to spend his time snowboarding, scrambling, camping, biking, and trail running. You can learn more on the about us page.

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  1. Hi!
    This is a beautiful site with great information. My family is doing a reunion (Covid willing we can get into Canada from the US) We will be in Banff for 3 days the end of June. We range from 80yrs-4yrs.
    We have Lake Louise on our must see list. As some of our group will not be able to do any hiking are there areas to sit and enjoy while others hike?
    Any suggestions you have we’d appreciate. If you have a fee for helping plan, can you let me know, may need to do that 🙂
    Thank you
    The GEES famly
    (letters from our last names lol)
    Becky Epperson

    1. Hey Becky,

      You’re going to have a tremendous time. Lake Louise is a spectacular setting. Yes, there are plenty of benches and rocks to relax along. You can always head into the Chateau Lake Louise for an afternoon tea or rent a canoe. If your family is up for it a hike up to the Lake Agnes Teahouse is a classic and takes around 2-3 hours round trip.


  2. Thanks! Great information!!

    We are planning to go between december/january. What activities can we do besides from skiing? That for sure we will 🙂

    Is it a good time to go?

    We are planning to stay at the Fairmont. Do you think is worth it even though the lake might be frozen?

    We are planning to go 3 nights. Would you put 1 night in Banff?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards from Cancun, Mexico!

  3. Hi I have a mobility disability but would love to see lake Louise the best I possibly could are there any companies that would take me and my wife say from Banff or where ever you think would be a good place to stay we would be coming from England
    Thank you

    1. Hey Christopher! Lake Louise is definitely wheelchair-friendly and disability-friendly. There is a paved path that leads from the parking lot to the lakeshore edge. You won’t even need to hire a company to take you to Lake Louise as the Roam Transit bus 8X has a wheelchair ramp and can drop you off at the lakeshore parking lot. You’re going to have a fantastic time; Lake Louise is a real treat!

  4. I loved the very interesting detailed travel report. The Rockies were on my bucket list for years. And now in 2022 I will visit. Who cannot fall in love with lake Louise stunning lake color?
    Thank you for the important hike information. Cameron, I will buy something in the store.

  5. Hello, amazing and informative blog. Trying to coordinate a trip in October to Banff. Are you able to say how long it takes to walk down to the lake from the parking? or how long is the walk from where the shuttle drops you off, to the lake view point?

  6. We are visiting the area in July 2023 and one of us is disabled and I am wondering if there is parking at Lake Louise for those with a handicap placard. I believe one site I looked at said there is handicapped parking. Do you have any more specific info regarding this? Thank you for your help