Cameron has been featured as a travel expert with numerous publications worldwide and has spoken on several occasions about the power of travel. He has a passion for all things in the Canadian Rockies and loves to spend his time snowboarding, scrambling, camping, biking, and trail running. You can learn more on the about us page.

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  1. How hard is it to navigate the trail once the official markings stop? I don’t have a gps but I have an app called AllTrails with the route downloaded onto my phone and was wondering if that would be sufficient. I’ve never went hiking/scrambling before and was wondering if there’s a high risk of getting lost.

    1. Hey Carson navigation is fairly easy with Mount St Piran. However, if you’re not that experienced with hiking it is a true mountain summit with a lot of elevation gain and no official trail. It may be best to get some hikes and experience in before going for a summit. Learning to move in the mountains takes time on the trail.