Natasha calls Canmore, Alberta home. After traveling across seven continents and 90 countries with Cameron, she settled down in the stunning Canadian Rockies. She is a winter enthusiast and loves to snowboard, ice skate, and nordic ski and enjoy all the fantastic summer opportunities in Banff like hiking, scrambling, and biking. Learn more on the about us page!

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  1. Recoup their costs? $115 per half hour? The canoes, paddles and life jackets would easily be “recouped” in a couple of weeks. But hey, rich foreign tourists will pay even if it’s a ripoff for locals.

    1. We don’t set the prices… We are locals just like you. We bought a used canoe for $400 to enjoy the lakes, it’s a great investment

  2. Would anyone advise bringing their own kayak? We are looking into planning a trip to Banff for late June 2022 but have been looking at buying a couple kayaks this summer, and wondering if it’s worth it to pack them across the US into Banff. Not sure if it’s easy enough/worth it, to get them launched and not have to worry about the lines and possibly not getting a spot that day.

    1. We bring our own canoe and paddleboard all the time. It is worth it if you don’t mind towing them around. Then it gives you the opportunity to kayak on many Banff lakes.

  3. Hi, Is it best to do the canoe or short hike (lake trail / Fairview Lakeview)? Unfortunately we do not get to the hotel until 5:00pm and leave early the next day (initially we were to get there at 1:00pm but was changed). Thank you.

    1. I would go for the canoe, but if you are visiting in the summer keep in mind the sun doesn’t set until 10pm or so so you would have time to do both if you wanted.

  4. Hi Natasha, Cameron: this blog was super helpful so thank you! I will be in Banff toward the end of August and wanted to bring my inflatable kayak (I work for a company here in the US who makes them!). I just booked the shuttle to avoid the parking and also got my Self Certification Permit and Parks Canada day pass. Luckily my kayak is pretty lightweight and durable and I think I can launch from the shore at Lake Louise though it looks rocky. I’ll be there on a Saturday so I may have a crowd watching me! 😉 Just wanted to say thanks and will check out the prints to support the blog!

  5. Hi Natasha, we wanted to kayak on Lake Louise, but you only mention canoeing. We are staying Canmore . Would you know if any water activities would be open yet from June 1-5? We’d love to kayak on LL and also any ideas where we can go white water rafting for newbies nearby to Canmore?

    1. Hi Grace,

      You can kayak on Lake Louise, but you’ll have to bring your own kayak. Which you can rent from Banff Canoe Club
      in Banff. It’s hard to know if the lakes will be thawed the first week of June, though chances are they will be. You can go white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River or float trips on the Bow River.

  6. Love this post, super helpful. We are bringing 2 inflatable kayaks, if parking is full can we just drop them off with someone from our party at the lake then have the driver take the shuttle back? Or do we need bring the inflatable kayaks on the shuttle?

    1. If parking is full it’s unlikely staff will let you through and you’ll most likely be turned around before being able to drop anyone off, though it’s all up to the discretion of the parking staff member!

  7. Is it possible to canoe both Lake Louise and Moraine in the same day with my own canoe? It seems reasonable to do so from a time stand point, but is it even possible to bring my canoe down to Moraine somehow? I have a 14 foot 6 inch canoe that weighs 85 pounds. I have a dolly that I can attach to the back of my bike, if necessary.