15 Best Spots For Breakfast in Banff

If you want to start your day with the perfect breakfast in Banff, check out these excellent spots. Fuel up before tackling the mountains and embarking on a fantastic Banff hike and head to any one of these restaurants or cafes in Banff.

We believe that one of the best advantages of climbing mountains and going on epic hikes in the summer is the ability to eat what we want that day. Bring on the waffles, french toast, and post hike caesars! Luckily there are some excellent spots to grab breakfast and brunch in Banff!

We’re happy that plenty of the hotels in Banff offer breakfast. However, not every hotel provides it, and not everyone wants a lackluster breakfast buffet that can be hit or miss. Here are our favorite places to grab breakfast in Banff.

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The Best Breakfast Spots in Banff

Whitebark Cafe

(Best Coffee Shop in Banff!)
Coffee in Banff
  • Location: 401 Banff Ave
  • Cuisine: Coffee
  • Price: $

Not so much a restaurant, but it is the best coffee shop in Banff. Whitebark has been known to deliver the best coffee in Banff for a while now. On our first trip to Banff, we stopped by for several top-ups before we made a move here.

They serve fair-trade organic coffee from Moja Coffee in North Vancouver and loose-leaf teas from Banff Tea Co.

They serve several lovely pastries that include the occasional vegan or gluten-free option. If you like a light breakfast, pick up pastry before you set off to tackle some of Banff’s fantastic hiking trails. As far as espresso-based drinks like a cappuccino or flat white, they definitely serve the best in Banff. However, it’s more of a takeaway joint with only a small counter to sit at and a few outdoor tables.


(Best Breakfast in Banff!)
  • Location: 204 Caribou Street
  • Cuisine: Cajun
  • Price: $$

Not many expect to find cajun food in the Canadian Rockies, and the restaurant has an unassuming decor. However, Tooloulous has some solid cajun food on offer and serves up some of the best breakfast in Banff. The breakfast menu at Tooloulous is extensive, and you have a seemingly endless selection of tantalizing breakfast dishes.

Expect a hearty breakfast and big portions. They have everything from a multitude of topped waffles and french toast to eggs benedict and breakfast poutine. Personally, I have a hard time ever turning down french toast! They also serve cajun comfort food items and fusion like sweet and spicy breakfast potatoes or a jambalaya omelet.

Since I’m from the South, I always love some good comfort food, like tasty cornbread. Prices are pretty affordable too, when you consider Banff can be pretty expensive for dining. This is my top suggestion for breakfast in Banff if it’s not included in your accommodation. If you miss breakfast, don’t worry as they also do lunch! Make sure to try one of their caesars.

Melissa’s Missteak

Melissa’s Missteak Breakfast in Banff
  • Location: 201 Banff Ave Suite #2
  • Cuisine: Steak / Breakfast
  • Price: $$

Melissa’s Missteak is the classic breakfast spot in Banff and has served visitors to the town for decades. They’re in a new location these days right off Banff Ave that offers some views of the mountains from the second floor.

It’s a solid spot to start your day with all the breakfast staples. You’ll find generous servings of omelets, pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, and more. Their benny menu really stands out as they have some mouth-watering versions of eggs benedict. Not many places serve up a Prime Rib Benny!

There’s something for everyone at Melissa’s Missteak as they have everything from Huevos Rancheros to avocado toast and waffles.

Juniper Bistro

(Best Breakfast View in Banff!)
Juniper Bistro Breakfast in Banff
  • Location: 1 Juniper Way
  • Cuisine: Brunch/ Modern
  • Price: $$

For amazing breakfast views and some delicious breakfast, head to the Juniper Bistro. The menu is not as extensive as some of the other options on this list, but it’s more of a nice brunch spot for a special occasion.

You can find items on the menu like stuffed french toast, huevos rancheros, grilled avocado, and salmon eggs benedict. The restaurant and hotel are not located in the town center, but instead, it’s across the TransCanada on the way to Mt Norquay. The views from the dining room though are surreal as you look out to Tunnel Mountain and Mount Rundle.

The Bison

  • Location: 211 Bear Street
  • Cuisine: Canadian/ Americana
  • Price: $$$

The Bison serves us seasonal Canadian dishes with locally sourced ingredients. It’s well known as the best spot in Banff when they open for brunch on Sunday. The menu is more varied than several other restaurants in Banff, with a wide range of options like vegan or vegetarian.

You’ll find options like a tofu scramble, french toast, steak and eggs, and a bison benny. However, they’re best known for some killer chicken and waffles which is fantastic as they nail the chicken and throw on top of dill waffles with a side syrup.

It also happens to be one of our favorite restaurants in Banff for a romantic dinner. The service is really fantastic and they have an outdoor patio for those nice summer days. If we’re ever in the mood for a nice meal, whether brunch or dinner, we’ll likely head to the Bison.

Coyote’s Southwestern Grill

breakfast in banff
  • Location: 206 Caribou St
  • Cuisine: American Southwest
  • Price: $$

Always a solid option for breakfast in Banff, Coyote’s Southwestern Grill dishes up tasty breakfast staples. To top it off, you’ll also find a nice mix of Southwestern-inspired dishes frittatas, breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, and steak & eggs.

There’s no shortage of the usual staples amped up like stuffed french toast made from sourdough bread. I’m particularly fond of the chorizo sausage breakfast burrito!

The Vermillion Room

breakfast in banff
  • Location: Banff Springs Hotel
  • Cuisine: Breakfast / Americana
  • Price: $$$

Located in the Banff Springs Hotel, the Vermilion Room is the best spot for an upscale breakfast in Banff. In particular, they serve up a bountiful Sunday brunch. It’s a breakfast Buffet with an eye-watering spread, of course, an eye-watering price tag comes with it too.

You’ll find a nice variety of fresh, inspired breakfast items from savory to delicious baked pastries. Currently, the buffet has been closed for health reasons we’re eager for it to return someday soon. That being said there is also an ala carte menu if you still feel like checking out the hotel.

Nourish Bistro

  • Location: 211 Bear Street
  • Cuisine: Vegetarian
  • Price: $$

If you’re after some delicious vegetarian food, you can’t do better than Nourish Bistro. Most of the restaurants in town have at least have a couple vegetarian options; Nourish Bistro is dedicated to vegetarian food, so you’ll be spoilt for options.

It’s amazing vegetarian food that is more the line of a gourmet restaurant with a wide range of creative dishes. There are also options for vegan, raw, and gluten-free dietary requirements as well. To top it off, they craft a cocktail menu with several wonderful drinks. Head to this Banff restaurant if you’re searching for a healthy meal!

Farm and Fire

  • Location: 333 Banff Ave (at Elk & Ave)
  • Cuisine: Contemporary
  • Price: $$-$$$

Farm and Fire is located inside the Elk & Ave hotel and serves up one of a fantastic brunch in Banff. With dishes like smashed avocado with poached eggs, and Canadian Eggs Benny diners can really fuel up before their day.

However if you want to eat a little leaner, you can always opt for the Lean Mean Veggie Machine or the Lox to Look Forward too. Honestly we’ve eaten here a few times and everything on the menu is good. I love this Banff breakfast spot as it’s bright and airy, making for a lovely environment.

Wild Flour Bakery

  • Location: 211 Bear Street
  • Cuisine: Light Brunch
  • Price: $

Wild Flour Bakery is an institution on Bear Street and a fabulous spot for a quick breakfast in Banff. They have a great bakery with popular items like Cranberry Walnut Rye and Cheddar Levain but pick up the goods early as trendy items do sell out.

Head here for a breakfast frittata sandwich or house made granola before catching morning light at Vermilion Lakes. If you don’t have much time you can always hit up their sister restaurant, Little Wild on Banff Avenue.

The Maple Leaf

(Best Brunch in Banff!)
The Maple Leaf
  • Location: 137 Banff Ave
  • Cuisine: Canadian/Americana
  • Price: $$$

The Maple Leaf Grill and Lounge is a cozy restaurant with a warm mountain ambiance, offering a plethora of Canadian-inspired dishes for breakfast and brunch. If you are looking for a more upscale brunch in Banff, make reservations at The Maple Leaf! They pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Canada for all of their dishes.

Their breakfast menu includes a range of hearty options, from classic eggs and bacon to unique dishes like maple-infused pancakes and Canadian-style breakfast poutine. Their Canadian French Toast and Canadian Bacon Benedict are to die for and perfect if you’ve had an active morning biking the Bow Valley Parkway!

Fedora’s Cakes and Bakes

Fedora's Cakes and Bakes
  • Location: 6-100 Owl St
  • Cuisine: Bakery
  • Price: $

Aware from the hustle and bustle of Banff Avenue is this charming family-owned and operated establishment. With a focus on producing artisanal sourdough loaves and other baked goods using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Fedoras is easily one of the best bakeries in town.

If you are after just a quick baked good or pastry this is your place. All products are made, prepared, and baked fresh daily on site! It’s a great lunch spot as well as they offer a great deal on their daily lunch specials.

Bill Peyto’s Cafe (Lake Louise)

Bill Peyto's Cafe - one of the best restaurants in lake louise
  • Price: $$
  • Address:  203 Village Rd
  • See Menu

If you are in the Lake Louise area and in need of breakfast, on of the best places you can go is Bill Peyto’s Cafe. Bill Peyto’s Cafe is located inside the HI Lake Louise Hostel and dishes up fantastic breakfast (and even better burgers).

Of course, you may be wondering about the name. Bill Peyto’s Cafe is named after Bill Peyto, a pioneer, mountain guide, and early park warden in Banff. It’s said that at the turn of the 20th century, Bill caught a lynx, strapped to his pack, brought it to his favorite bar, and released the cat.

The place emptied immediately, just what Mr. Peyto wanted as he was quite an introvert. He then enjoyed his drink alone and sold the animal to the Banff Park Museum. Is the story true? Well, after hearing many stories about Bill Peyto, I would say probably, but even if it isn’t, we now have this great cafe to tell the tale at!

Eclipse Coffee (Canmore)

eclipse coffee canmore
  • Location: 817 8 St, Canmore
  • Cuisine: Coffee Roaster
  • Price: $

If you’re looking for the best coffee around Banff, then you need to head to Canmore and visit the Eclipse Coffee Roasters. They have two locations, one on Main Street in Downtown Canmore, and one off of Railway Avenue near Safeway (which is a much larger space).

At the shop, you can find artisan roasts made in-house or order a range of specialty coffees. Expect to find the usual ranging from a flat white to a latte and even a nice pour-over for true coffee aficionados. This is our favorite spot and where we like to pick our coffee roast for home.

It’s also a great place to pick up a local roast for camping or a coffee before tackling an easy hike in Kananaskis off Smith Dorrien Trail or on your way to Banff.

Best Things To Do In Banff

banff gondola

If you are looking for the best things to do in Banff, we have you covered! We visited this little mountain town a few years back and fell in love so much that we decided to move to the Canadian Rockies.

There’s really nowhere quite as remarkable as Banff National Park. Whether it’s winter or summer in Banff, there is so much to do in Banff that it’s impossible to get bored. We could spend a lifetime exploring these spectacular mountains.

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