15 Best Things to do in Revelstoke in Winter

While most will argue that summer is the best time of year, we believe winter in Revelstoke is truly what it’s all about. It’s a time when life in this little mountain town revolves around one thing – powder – and lots of it. From December to March everyone is stoked on the fluffy white stuff. It’s what makes Revelstoke function for half the year, and brings in powderhounds from around the world.

We were some of those powderhounds, and we still are. We spent a ski season living in Revelstoke, attempting to snowboard and live the ski bum lifestyle as much as possible. Now, every winter, we return to Revelstoke to enjoy the snow.

That being said, you don’t have to be a diehard skier to enjoy everything Revelstoke offers in the winter. There are plenty of outdoor adventures for everyone, and some fun indoor experiences too. We have you covered if you’ve just arrived and are looking for some of the best things to do in Revelstoke in the winter.

Best Things to Do in Revelstoke in the Winter

Ski/Snowboard at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Natasha on Revelstoke Mountain Resort
The sun pops out while snowboarding at Revy – a rare occasion

I can’t write a post about the best things to do in Revelstoke without mentioning skiing and snowboarding at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Hands down, Revelstoke is one of the best places to ski in Canada, if not the world. There aren’t many resorts in North America you could describe as up and coming, but Revelstoke Mountain Resort is just that.

the banff blog at revelstoke
At Revelstoke Ski Resort

It has a reputation that proceeds itself for outstanding freeride terrain, tree skiing, and legendary powder. A large portion of this resort was previously only accessible via cat skis until the 2007/2008 season, when a gondola and two fast chairlifts were added.

A sunny day at Revy
A sunny day at Revy

All of this opened up a dizzying amount of terrain (3000 acres) and the biggest vertical in North America (1,713m). To top it all off, Revelstoke gets plenty of fresh powder at 12m a year on average. Most of the terrain is pretty gnarly and steep, but there are some mellow runs for beginners to enjoy.

There are very few resorts in Canada I would rather be on an epic pow day than Revy. The trees, the cliffs drops, the gullies – they are all just so fun. So fun that we even moved to Revelstoke for an entire ski season so that we could snowboard every day. We sometimes like to consider ourselves professional ski bums.

Visit the Railway Museum


Revelstoke was founded in the 1880s when the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) was built through the area to assist with mining. Given this information, we think one of the best things to do in Revelstoke is to learn about its interesting railway history, which is integral to the railway industry in Canada.

A fun Revelstoke attraction for the whole family is the Railway Museum, which delves into the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It’s the perfect place to come to learn about Canada’s important railway heritage, especially if it’s a crummy day out and you’re not looking go skiing.

Go Sledding (Snowmobiling)

Cameron On A Sled in Revelstoke (Snowmobile)
One of the best things to do in Revelstoke in the winter!

Snowmobiling, or “sledding,” is what it’s nicknamed in Canada is one of the best things to do in Revelstoke in the winter. Revelstoke gets hammered with snow, which creates perfect conditions for sledding. Revy is often referred to as the “epicenter of mountain sledding.” Sledders travel from all over Canada to sled here. Some of the best riding areas from beginner to expert can be found here.

Enjoy Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

If snowmobiling doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you can always try dog sledding! Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures provides guided dogsled tours every day in the winter. Departures are typically daily at 9 am, 2 pm, and 5:30 pm. If you’ve never been dog sledding, it’s definitely one of the best things to do in Canada (we’ve been multiple times!)

Go for a Cross Country Ski

Cross-country skiing at the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club
Cross-country skiing at the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club

You can enjoy the beautiful mountains on your Nordic Skis when you’re not hitting the slopes at the resort! About seven kilometers south of Revy is the Revelstoke Nordic Day Lodge and Mount Macpherson Trailhead. From here, there is a whopping 26 km of groomed trails to take to.

The Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club does a fantastic job at maintaining the trails, and they even stay lit at night, which is great because the sun sets as early as 3pm in the winter in Revelstoke! See more info here.

Breathe in the Cool Air on a Fat Bike

Fat Biking

There are some fantastic fat bike trails in the Selkirks and Monashees. The best places to go are the Soren Sorensen 2 km and 5 km trails and on the Meadows in the Sky Parkway up to the Inspiration Woods trailhead. You can rent fat bikes from Skookum Bike and Ski and Tantrum Ride Company (both downtown).

Stroll Around Downtown Revy

Cameron walking around Downtown Revelstoke
Cameron walking around Downtown Revelstoke

It won’t take you long to stroll up and down MacKenzie Ave! There are some nice outdoor and boutique shops to wander into in Revy. Grab a baked good and coffee at The Modern Bakeshop or Dose and take some time for a snowy stroll.

Warm Up At The Roxy

things to do in revelstoke in the winter

Looking for something to do at night after a day playing in the snow? Catch a show at The Roxy Theatre. The Roxy Theatre Revelstoke is an art deco movie theatre located downtown and has been operating since 1959! This is a beloved institution where you can watch anything from Blockbusters to indie flicks. Check showtimes here.

Grab a Coffee at Dose

Grab a Coffee at Dose in Revelstoke

Before you head out for the day, you’ll need to fuel up. My favorite place to grab a coffee and baked treat is Dose. They also make great lunch dishes!

Have a Caesar at the Village Idiot

Caeser At The Village Idiot

My absolute favorite thing to do in Revelstoke after a day out is to enjoy a Caesar at the Village Idiot downtown. The Village Idiot makes the most amazing Caesars, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed – I haven’t had a better one in all of Canada.

having a Caeser At The Village Idiot

It’s a fabulous atmosphere with excellent bar food and drinks. Heading here really makes you feel like you’re in a ski town. If you are not Canadian and curious about what a Caesar even is, check out our Canadian food and drinks guide.

Soak in a Hot Spring

Halcyon Hot Springs
Photo courtesy of Halcyon Hot Springs

A key part of Kootenay culture is to soak in a natural hot spring or two. Doing this is exceptionally lovely on a winter day when the snow is lightly falling, which seems to happen about every day in Revelstoke in the winter. Pack a bathing suit and a beer (remember to Leave No Trace), and get ready to soak your muscles.

The Halfway River Hot Springs is accessible by a logging road and steep trail and is your most “bask to basic” natural hot spring—it’s only accessible via sled or ski tour.

South of Revy on Highway 23 is the Halcyon Hot Springs, which overlook Upper Arrow Lake. Other options are Crazy Creek Hot Pools and Canyon Hot Springs!

Ski Tour In Rogers Pass

Splitboarding in Rogers Pass
Splitboarding in Rogers Pass

Rogers Pass in British Columbia provides the Trans-Canada Highway, a route through the Selkirk Mountains. The essential route is critical for Canadian infrastructure as it is the rail line to the West Coast. It is named after Major Albert Roger, who surveyed the pass in 1881 while working for the Canadian government. The pass connects Revelstoke with the town of Golden to the East.

The pass sits in Glacier National Park and is known for its spectacular scenery and challenging winter conditions. Due to heavy snowfall in the Selkirk Mountains, the highway and rail lines are prone to frequent and scheduled closures due to avalanche risk. Canadian Armed Forces operate live artillery to reduce the risk. It takes a lot of work and weather forecasting to ensure Canada’s most significant highway stays open year-round.

Cameron ski touring in Rogers Pass
Cameron ski touring in Rogers Pass

While the amount of snow and the high alpine road make it difficult to operate, it provides a beautiful opportunity for skiers and splitboarders. It is widely regarded amongst the backcountry ski community as one of the best areas to go ski-touring in North America. However, the terrain in Rogers Pass is very complex; almost every year, a backcountry user loses their life.

Backcountry users must work with Parks Canada and obtain a Winter Permit that ensures education about the scheduled avalanche control closures. If it’s your first time, we recommend hiring a guide. CAPOW offers tours and private guiding in Rogers Pass. Of course, every backcountry user needs to be aware of the terrain they’re entering and the Avalanche conditions. Please educate yourself.

Walk the Greenbelt

Greenbelt Trailhead

The Greenbelt is a local walking trail in Revelstoke that offers enchanting vistas of the valley, mountains, and wildlife and embodies the serene ambiance of the small town. The Illecillewaet Greenbelt Path is conveniently accessible by foot from almost anywhere in town. Illecillewaet Greenbelt Society is a non profit who groom the trails all winter for visitors and locals alike.

Its gentle terrain makes it a perfect choice for a tranquil, easy stroll in the winter. If you have a pair of cross-country skis, you can also Nordic ski here for free. Throughout the journey, you’ll be accompanied by the awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge. Majestic mountains such as Mt. Cartier and Big Eddy surround you, making the scenery truly magical.

Is Revelstoke Worth Visiting in the Winter?

natasha snowboarding at revelstoke

If you love snow and lots of it, Revelstoke is worth visiting in the winter, thanks to its location in the middle of the world’s only inland temperate rainforest. It’s on many skiers’ lists of places to ski once in their life. Though it doesn’t stop at skiing and snowboarding, the sledding (snowmobiling) here is world-class. Other fun activities are Nordic skiing, dog sledding, and fat biking. If you want to enjoy a Canadian mountain town in the winter that isn’t quite as touristy or commercial as Banff or Canmore, we can’t recommend Revelstoke enough.

Where to Stay in Revelstoke

Natasha in Revelstoke

There aren’t many places to stay in Revelstoke—it’s a pretty small town! However, we always stay at one of the best properties when we visit. Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke is easily the best place to stay.

Just a short drive away from downtown Revy is this awesome property that literally overlooks the Columbia River. It’s great for friends, families, and couples as it offers different room types. Starting with a micro-studio and working up to a six-bedroom apartment, Basecamp has something for everything. Rooms are clean and ultra-modern. They all come with a full kitchen that is well equipped to cook any meal after a day out.

Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke

What I loved about Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke were the comfortable beds and big entertainment area. The WiFi was fast (Revelstoke has fiber internet -yay), which was perfect since we had to get some work done while there.

There’s even a large hot tub to enjoy under the neverending snow in the winter. I was honestly blown away by this property and wouldn’t hesitate to book it again next time we are in Revy. See our other favorite Revelstoke cabins and rentals.

The Best Places to Eat in Revelstoke

Bridge in Revelstoke

For such a small town, Revelstoke surprisingly has some good places to eat. When wondering what to do in Revelstoke, you have to walk down Main Street and see all the great shops and eateries. The downtown area is super tiny, so it won’t take long! I would recommend the following for a few great meals.

  • Dose: As mentioned they have fantastic coffee and great lunch items. Try the Bahn Mi.
  • The Village Idiot: Large and delicious caesars combined with wings and pizza makes for an amazingly good time.
  • Paramjit’s Kitchen: Quick and tasty Indian dishes – great for takeaway!
  • The Rockford: Our favorite apres-ski spot, right at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It serves super tasty modern pub food, a decent selection of beer on tap, and specials.

Getting to Revelstoke in Winter

Cameron skiing at Revelstoke ski resort

Getting to Revelstoke in the winter can be one of the most difficult aspects of planning your trip.

To get to Revelstoke from Calgary, you must drive through the infamous Rogers Pass. Rogers Pass is a mountain pass in the Selkirk Mountains. It is situated within Glacier National Park and is part of the Trans-Canada Highway. The pass is renowned for its stunning mountainous scenery and is historically significant for Canada’s transportation and trade routes.

If you hit it on a sunny day, it’s a stunning highway. Hit it during a snowstorm (which happens quite often) and you’ll be white-knuckling it the whole drive. Not only is Rogers Pass one of Canada’s most dangerous roads but it is also known for its high avalanche risk due to the heavy snowfall and mountainous terrain. The Canadian government has extensive avalanche control measures to mitigate this risk, including using snow sheds and deploying the Canadian Avalanche Centre. During big storms, the Trans Canada closes for control, often from Golden to Revelstoke and sometimes from Revelstoke to Kamloops.

This is not great news if you have a trip planned or a flight to take and can’t get in or out of town. However, it’s fantastic news if you are among the few who enjoy an epic Powder Day at Revelstoke without crowds. Being “Revelstuck” is something every hardcore skier or boarder should experience once. It’s not something you can really plan for; it is the weather, after all, but I figured I would give you fair warning!

It’s best to have flexible plans, and to always have extra food in your car. We’ve been stuck on this stretch of highway plenty of times, and I’m always happy to have snacks and a book in hand or movie downloaded. Stay up to date on Highway closures on Drive BC and keep in mind that winter tires are mandatory in BC from October 1 until April 3

Alternative Transport

  • Rider Express offers daily transportation from Calgary to Vancouver and vice versa, passing Revelstoke along the way. You can book a seat on the bus online.
  • Revelstoke Shuttle has year-round transfers to and from Kelowna International Airport if coming from the west. At over $150 it’s not a cheap transfer, but it may be worth it for peace of mind.

Revelstoke Attractions Map

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