How to Hike the Stunning Iceline Trail in Yoho

The Iceline trail hike, located in Yoho National Park of British Columbia, is just over an hour’s drive from Banff National Park and 45 minutes from Golden. This is a unique hike home to majestic waterfalls, endless glaciers, and many alpine lakes! It’s easily one of the best hikes in Yoho and makes for a rewarding day out. The Iceline Trail makes for an exciting day trip, or it can be a great front country or backcountry camping destination. With plenty of route options, …

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Takkakaw Falls Campground

Yoho National Park Camping Guide

Yoho National Park camping is one of the best ways to experience the stunning section of the Canadian Rockies. There are several nearby front-country and backcountry campgrounds in Yoho National Park. You can also book three ACC huts or stay at the HI Whiskey Jack Wilderness Hostel. While the front country camping options are not …

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