45 BEST Cabin Rentals in Alberta

The province of Alberta has some of the cutest cabins in all of Canada, and if you are visiting, you’ll love knowing that you can rent some of these beautiful cabins in Alberta during your vacation. Whether you are looking for a winter escape to tuck away by the fire or a summer retreat to enjoy the river life, we have a cozy cabin for you.

From Jasper National Park to the prairies, these cozy Alberta cabin rentals will let you unplug and unwind and bring you back to the simpler times in nature.

The Best Cabin Rentals in Alberta


Baker Creek Cabins
*Featured Cabin*

Our absolute favorite cabins in Alberta are at the Baker Creek Mountain Resort in Banff National Park. It is in a secluded location right off the Bow Valley Parkway between Castle Junction and Lake Louise. Book a stay here well in advance as the cabins book up quickly. For more information on Baker Creek, continue reading our list!

Burch Forest (Drayton Valley)

cabins in alberta

This is, without a doubt, one of the best cabins with private hot tubs in Alberta. This two-bedroom cabin on a swimming pond comes with a private wood-fired hot tub—a rarity nowadays! In the summer, you can enjoy kayaks, canoes, and stocked trout fishing gear. There’s an outdoor fire pit and walking trails all around the property. In the winter, you can get out on the lake and enjoy ice skating and pond hockey.

This is one of the best cabin rentals near Edmonton, just an hour from the city; it’s a fun escape that sleeps a family of four. If you are coming with a fur baby, you’ll be happy to know that this cabin rental is pet-friendly ($25 fee per dog). Burch Cabin is one of the best lakefront cabin rentals in Alberta to enjoy!

Folk Tree Lodge (Bragg Creek)

Folk Tree Lodge (Bragg Creek) - cabins in alberta

Marketed as the coolest cabins closest to Calgary, Folk Tree Lodge offers guests all you could ever need. These cabins in Alberta are located in a beautiful forested setting just five minutes from the main part of Bragg Creek.

These cabins sit on 30 acres of beauty and are one of the best places to head to when you want to unwind away from the city. I love that these cabins are traditional log cabins with modern amenities. Fold Tree Lodge is also eco-friendly and uses biodegradable cleaning products, composts food scraps, harvests rainwater, and engages in their own food production.

Some things to do here are to enjoy the wildlife in the area or explore Kananaskis Country, which is just a short drive away and home to endless hiking opportunities. If you’re looking for some great cabin rentals near Calgary, don’t hesitate to book here.

Baker Creek

Baker Creek Cabins

If you’re seeking accommodation in Banff National Park, but away from the Downtown area and more in nature you really can’t go wrong with Baker Creek Mountain Resort. Baker Creek is along the Bow Valley Parkway closer to the natural beauty of Lake Louise. Baker Creek Mountain Resort is a laid-back escape offering comfortable lodge and log cabin accommodations.  

You’ll get an authentic Canadian backcountry experience surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and vast wilderness. Enjoy a roaring fire under the night sky with access to outdoor fire pits. Retreat to your cozy room or log cabin, most of which are equipped with a wood-burning stove and kitchenette.  

Mount Engadine Lodge (Kananaskis Country)

mount engadine cabins in canmore

This is among one of the coolest cabin rentals in Alberta. Mount Engadine Lodge is located along the Smith Dorrian Road/Spray Lakes Road, about one hour away from Canmore. Set in the wilderness, there isn’t much else around besides mountains, valleys, trees, and some moose.

In other words, Mount Engadine is located in an extremely remote section of Kananaskis and is truly a cozy Canmore cabin at its finest. A wide variety of room options includes private lodge rooms, cabins, glamping tents, and a yurt.

There is no cell service and no televisions. It’s back to wilderness here – exactly like what you may after with a trip to the Canadian Rockies. It’s quite literally cabin camping Alberta at its finest. If you’re eager to have that backcountry wilderness experience without roughing it in a tent and eating dehydrated meals, you seriously can’t get much better than a stay here.

Instead, bookings include breakfast, packed lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. In between delicious meals, go for hikes or relax by one of the many wood-burning fireplaces. It’s certainly a better option for couples, but it’s an amazing stay for the right family.

The Gingerbread Cabin (Jasper)

The Gingerbread Cabin (Jasper)

This cute cabin in Jasper will make you feel right at home! The Gingerbread Cabin is as cute and cozy as they come! Located near the east gate entrance to Jasper, this cottage is situated on a half-acre of woods.

It has cozy amenities like log furniture and a wood-burning stove. It has two bedrooms and two baths. You must book for at least three nights, which is perfect as you definitely need that much time to explore Jasper.

Bear Hill Lodge (Jasper)

cabins in jasper

Bear Hill Lodge has the only cabins in Jasper that are actually in the town of Jasper. They have a variety of cabin types available for any type of guest. Some are for smaller groups, and some for large. Some of these Jasper cabins are simple, and some are grand. I love how cozy these Jasper cabins are. All complete with a fireplace which is definitely needed in the winter in Alberta.

Some of the units also have a kitchen set up so you can make all your own food if you would like, but breakfast will be provided in the units without kitchens. I also love that you can opt to have dinner delivered to your cabin from the Fiddle River’s kitchen. Lastly, Bear Hill Lodge is pet-friendly!

Stepping Stones Cabin (Beaver Mines)

Stepping Stones Cabin (Beaver Mines)

These are by far some of the cutest cabins in Alberta. Only two cabins are offered here: a two-person cabin and a four-person family cabin. Their remoteness and capacity are the main draws. Both cabins have kitchenette features and full bathrooms. Shared amenities include an outdoor hot tub, BBQ Area, picnic tables, outdoor fireplace, and a covered deck.

Sights like Franks Slide and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump are extremely close, and you are less than an hour away from Waterton National Park here!

Whispering Pines Cabin (Pine Lake)

Whispering Pines Cabin (Pine Lake)

If you’re looking for a solid lake cabin rental in Alberta, then you should head to Pine Lake. This awesome cabin is just a stone’s throw away from Pine Lake in the Whispering Pines resort community.

It’s a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath that is the ideal wilderness getaway. If you or anyone in your party likes to golf, you can get great views of the 9th hole of the golf course before you set out to play yourself.

As you can tell by the photos, the interior is stunning and modern, not to mention huge at 1650 sq ft. It makes for a great winter cabin rental when the lake freezes over, and you can ice skate and go ice fishing on it!

Miette Mountain Cabins (Jasper)

cabins in jasper

For more “cabin camping Alberta,” you can’t miss this special place. Miette Mountain Cabins are located at the intersection of Miette Road and Highway 16, with Miette Hot Springs being only a 25-minute drive away. They are, without a doubt, among some of the best cottage rentals in Alberta.

The town of Jasper is just a 30-minute drive away, perfect for getting more into nature. Miette Mountain Cabins offers free WiFi, satellite TV, and a kitchen, so it’s the perfect place for those who want to get away and have the creature comforts of home.

Every unit also has a cozy sofa and a gas fireplace to enjoy at night – even in the summer! When you get back from your day exploring Jasper National Park, you can always relax in their outdoor heated pool! If you forget something in town, you don’t have to worry either, as Miette Mountain Cabins offer an on-site mini-market with prepackaged meals as well. In the summer there are BBQ facilities available.

Tekarra Lodge (Jasper)


If you want rustic cabins in Jasper National Park, you have to check out Tekarra Lodge. Located just on the other side of Yellowhead Highway, these Jasper cabins are super charming and quiet. It’s the perfect place to come and enjoy a peaceful setting in the mountains.

While these cabins don’t have televisions, they are all fully equipped with utensils, plates, pots, and everything else you need to cook a full meal. The cabins have fireplaces to cozy up at. The lodge also has activities for guests like a s’more and fire night outside, interpretive talks, and music nights. What I also love about this Jasper cabin is that it is pet-friendly!

Paradise Lodge & Bungalows (Lake Louise)

Banff Cabin Rentals

This is one of those awesome mountain cabin rentals in Alberta everyone loves. Paradise Bungalows are located at Lake Louise and easily offer some of the best cabins in Alberta. They aren’t right at the lake like the Fairmont, but only a short distance away. While they have more standard-style rooms you can stay at, they have some of the cutest Banff cabins there are.

The cabins have all been modernized even though they were built in the 1930s. They are cute and perfect for anyone wanting to live out their mountain fantasies. Although they are modern with kitchens, mini-fridges, microwaves, and coffee makers, they are rustic and charming. Each cabin has a cozy fireplace to hang out on those chilly nights.

While most people prefer to stay at the Fairmont on Lake Louise, I actually think the Paradise Cabins are a much better value, more down to earth, and a whole lot cheaper. The Chateau is, quite frankly, the most overpriced and overrated place to stay in Banff.

Johnston Canyon Bungalows (Banff)

johnston canyon cabin and resort

The only place to stay at the famous Johnston Canyon is the Johnston Canyon Bungalows. They are one of the best (and only) places to stay on the Bow Valley Parkway and offer the most charming cabins to enjoy.

Johnston Canyon Bungalows has been family-owned since 1926 and is conveniently located right at the start of Johnston Canyon. They have 42 cabin-style accommodations that vary in size and room amenities. Most of the bungalows have a large open bedroom, porch area, wood-burning fireplace, as well as luxury amenities like a flat-screen tv, bridge, and bathrobes. They are some of the most romantic places you can stay in Banff.

They also operate the Black Swift Bistro and the Market Cafe – some of the only places you can find food on the Bow Valley Parkway. It’s a great Banff cabin to stay not only on the entire parkway but all of Banff!

Chief Mountain Lodge (Waterton Cabin Rentals)

Chief Mountain Lodge (Waterton Cabin Rentals)

Billed as “Where the mountains meet the prairies,” that’s exactly what this Waterton National Park cabin is! If you have a big group and looking for a place to explore the best things to do in Waterton, look no further. Chief Mountain Lodge houses up to 10 guests with three bedrooms.

It’s located just 24 km from Waterton Lakes National Park on Highway #5. This is one of those cozy Waterton cabin rentals with an outdoor fire pit & wood available, a deck with bbq to enjoy, and glowing reviews. At less than $300 a night, it’s a steal for large groups!

Mountain Haven Cabins (Waterton)

Mountain Haven Cabins (Waterton)

As you can tell by the above photo alone, this cabin is truly beautiful. This is cabin in the woods, about 35 minutes from the Waterton gates, and one of the best places to stay in Waterton. It has a stunning outdoor deck to soak in the sunshine on, as well as a log cabin, feel on the exterior and interior. Inside, there is a cozy fireplace that will be useful not only in the winter but also in the summer! It can get chilly in Alberta at night in the summer!

Storm Mountain Lodge (Banff)

Storm Mountain Lodge

Another great cabin rental is Storm Mountain Lodge, which has some of the best cabins in Banff National Park. If you’re a true outdoor lover who enjoys the experience of removing yourself from everyone and everything, a cabin in the forest offers a true outdoor escape, and Storm Mountain Lodge has one that’ll meet all your backcountry needs.  

Situated halfway between Banff town and Lake Louise, this lodge’s remote location means you are far from the crowds but close to the things that matter most—mountains, forests, and stunning beauty. If you expect modern amenities, this might not be the place for you. However, if being disconnected from Wi-Fi, phones, televisions, and all those other modern annoyances is more your style, you won’t find any of those things here.  

What you’ll find are cozy cabins with wood-burning fireplaces and full bathrooms and a lounge serving authentic Canadian dishes made with organic ingredients, homemade desserts, and Canadian wine.

Skoki Lodge (Banff)

Skoki Lodge (Banff)

The historic Skoki Lodge is a lodge located in the backcountry of Banff National Park. The lodge can only be reached by hiking or skiing in 11km from the Lake Louise Ski Resort. Skoki one of the best lake cabin rentals in Alberta, as it’s very close to Skoki Lakes – two of the most beautiful blue lakes in Banff.

It’s one of the first backcountry ski lodges in North America, as it dates back to 1930. In the winter, activities include ski touring, cross-country skiing, and telemark skiing.

During the Banff summer months, you can hike, climb, fish, or go horseback riding. It’s well known as one of the best backcountry lodges in the world, and nights are in high demand. Even if you can’t score a night in the lodge, you can still make the gorgeous hike out to the lodge and back.

Sundance Lodge (Banff)

horseback riding banff

If I were to build a cabin in the middle of the mountains, Sundance Lodge is exactly what I would model it after. It’s no basic lodge but rather a cozy log cabin that brings you back to the early days on the Western Frontier.

Decked out in Western memorabilia and with a front porch overlooking the glorious river, you can relax as the sun sets over Banff National Park. You can book this trip with Discover Banff Tours or take a horseback trip back here.

Halfway Lodge (Banff)

horseback riding banff
We loved our stay at Halfway Lodge!

The views from Halfway are ones I don’t often get, even with all the hiking we enjoy in the Canadian Rockies. Halfway Lodge itself is a very small and intimate cabin built in the 1920s. Although now it is two stories, it used to only be one.

A second story was added when a curious bear fell through the roof in the 1960s (yes, you read that right). Now there are four rooms on the second story and a cozy kitchen, fireplace, and dining area on the first story.

Boreal Forest Geodome (Wetaskiwin)

Boreal Forest Geodome
Boreal Forest Geodome

This enchanting accommodation is perfect for those who want to get off-grid under the stars. Not quite a cabin, these geodomes feature all the amenities of one! Enjoy access to a fireplace, fire pit, private outdoor shower and a luxurious Nordic sauna. The geodomes are situated in the woods and for added off-grid appeal, the only electricity is basic solar power. 

“Shanti Yurt” with Private Hot Tub (Bragg Creek)

Shanti Yurt with Private Hot Tub

This is one of my favorite cabin rentals in Alberta! Whether you’re embarking on a romantic escape or family getaway, this traditional Mongolian Yurt with a Bohemian-style interior is perfect for any occasion!  Enjoy lush forest views on 2.5 acres from the patio-equipped propane fire pit and BBQ facilities.  You’ll find beautiful log furnishings, a woodstove, a kitchenette, and a skylight inside. 

Charmed Resorts (Blairmore)

Charmed Resorts
Image by Charmed Resorts

With names like Belle’s Cottage, Midsummer Cottage, Gingerbread Cottage, Rapunzel’s Cottage and Lost Boy’s Treehouse, you can only imagine that your stay in a cottage at Charmed Resorts would be anything but run-of-the-mill!  Whether you’re a fan of fairy tales or just long for a unique escape from everyday life, there’s something here for everyone. Every cottage is different, but you’ll find amenities such as kitchenettes and fireplaces. One of them even has a built-in slide!

Peaceful Paradise Barn at The Lake (Birch Cove)

Peaceful Paradise Barn at The Lake 

With easy access to a beautiful lake and hiking trails, how can you go wrong with this peaceful oasis?  Even nighttime is magical here, with the twinkling stars set against a night sky free of light pollution. On-site, you’ll find a fire pit and wood-fired cedar sauna.  

Woodsy Cabin Getaway (Red Deer)

Woodsy Cabin Getaway

This cozy cabin in the forest offers a secluded, quiet getaway only minutes from a river.  Near your private patio are a lovely waterfall, a lover’s swing and a hot tub.  Inside, you’ll find a kitchen and a wood stove.  While the cabin does not have running water, a fully equipped bathhouse with showers is on site. When you want to venture into more urban surroundings, the towns of Red Deer and Sylvan Lake are only a 10-minute drive away. 

Raven’s Nest Cabin-Tucked Away in the Trees (Bragg Creek)

best alberta cabins

At Raven’s Nest Cabin, there’s no cell service, limited solar electricity and no running water so you get a true off-grid experience nestled in the forest away from everything and everyone. Inside the cabin, a wood stove and kitchenette are featured, and your sleeping quarters are a cozy loft accessed via a ladder. Outside, you’ll find a cook station equipped with a Coleman stove. 

Cozy Eco Cabin – Off Grid – Connected to Nature

Cozy Eco Cabin - Off Grid - Connected to Nature

This rustic cabin is an off-grid dream, situated in a convenient but remote area between Calgary and Canmore! Surrounded by 40 acres of pristine nature, there’s plenty of wide-open space to explore!  While some of the comforts you’re used to aren’t available, you’ll find many necessary comforts inside, including a wood stove to keep you warm on the coldest nights. 

Romantic Retreat in Tin Bins Cabin (Mountain View County)

Romantic Retreat in Tin Bins Cabin (Mountain View County)

If you thought two metal grain bins could never serve as a cozy, romantic getaway, think again! This cabin is made of two bins joined together; you wouldn’t believe what it looks like inside! The open-plan space features a wood stove, comfortable leather recliners and large windows looking out over the property. Outside, you’ll find a large deck with Adirondack chairs, a fire pit, hiking trails and a hot tub. 

9. Coal Cabin (North Nordegg)

Coal Cabin

Enjoy the rugged landscape of scenic Nordegg while fishing and hiking in this pristine nature area. After your outdoor adventure, enjoy those same views from the large windows of this beautiful cabin.  

It’s a great place to stay in any season and with vaulted ceilings, a deck, firepit, a cozy loft, and rec room featuring a foosball table and television.  You’ll appreciate the combination of ruggedness and modern amenities that make this feel like a true country escape. 

Elk Island Retreat (Elk Island)

Elk Island Retreat

At Elk Island Retreat, you’ll find a variety of unique accommodation options including cozy, rustic Alberta cabins equipped with many of the comforts of home. Each cabin is surrounded by nature and includes basic kitchen facilities, a gas heater, and an outdoor cookhouse. While there, why not treat yourself to a charcuterie board featuring cheese, meat, fruit, and a bottle of wine?  

Stix Cabin (Clearwater County)

Stix Cabin
  • Address: Clearwater County, Alberta
  • Airbnb: Stix Cabin

Rugged with modern conveniences – that’s how one might describe this cabin.  Situated in an area surrounded by forest and stunning vistas, the cabin is bright and airy with large windows highlighting those spectacular views. 

Enjoy access to a kitchen, cozy seating area, fireplace inside, BBQ facilities, a screened dining area, and a fire bowl outside. You won’t get to use Wi-Fi here but you can fill your space with the sound of music with the BOSE speaker and record player. 

100+ Year old Rustic Log Cabin (Ghost Lake)

100+ Year old Rustic Log Cabin

A century or so ago, the fur trade was a way of life in these parts, and one of the first fur trading posts in the Bow Valley was a little, rustic log cabin in the foothills of the stunning Rocky Mountains. Today, that cabin still stands and serves as a quaint escape for visitors seeking a place to relax in front of a fire and enjoy the serene surroundings. 

Rocky Mountain Cottage (North Nordegg)

Rocky Mountain Cottage

Whether you enjoy cozying up in front of a fireplace or roasting marshmallows over an open fire under a clear night sky, this fully-equipped cottage with access to the Rocky Mountains provides the perfect escape from everyday life.  Enjoy fishing and hiking only minutes away and return to your cozy cottage equipped with satellite television and high-speed internet. 

Private Cabin by the Creek (Leduc County)

Private Cabin by the Creek

It’s small but this secluded cabin comes with many amazing amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable!  Enjoy a rejuvenating soak in the on-site hot tub and prepare home-cooked meals in the fully-equipped kitchen. Up for an outdoor adventure? There’s no shortage of them here!

Log Cabin on the James River

Log Cabin on the James River

Alberta cabins don’t get much better than a spacious log cabin overlooking a river in the middle of the wilderness. This cabin overlooks the James River and is everything you could want in a weekend getaway. You’ll have access to a kitchen and full bathroom with an old-fashioned claw-foot tub.  

Enjoy being outdoors without leaving the property with access to a firepit and a maintained trail leading to the lake. If adventure is what you seek, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy hiking, fishing and many other outdoor pursuits. 

Riverside Bragg Creek Cabin (Bragg Creek)

Riverside Bragg Creek Cabin (Bragg Creek)

Some people prefer a cozy cabin in the middle of nowhere; others prefer to be in the center of it all. If you’re in the latter group, you’ll love this rustic log cabin with modern amenities situated right in the heart of the little town of Bragg Creek. 

The cabin features a fireplace so you can cuddle up in front of a fire on cool nights. Nearby you’ll find a beautiful mix of urban delights and natural surroundings. Restaurants and shops are only a short walk away but you can just as easily escape into the wilderness. 

Cozy Year-round Cabin in the Woods (Buck Lake)

Cozy Year-round Cabin in the Woods

Memories are made easy at this enchanting cabin surrounded by lush forest. Views of that beautiful lake are best enjoyed from the covered porch, but the lake itself is best enjoyed in a kayak or canoe.  Those crisp, clear nights? You guessed it; best enjoyed around the fire pit! On those cool nights when you’d rather be indoors, a wood stove keeps you and yours warm and cozy. 

Beautiful Family Cottage (Waterton)

Beautiful Family Cottage

Located only 15 minutes from the center of Waterton Lakes National Park, this charming cabin known as the Sunset Cottage is surrounded by pristine wilderness with views of the nearby mountains. The large deck is a favorite feature, but it is just the beginning!  

Enjoy access to other outdoor features such as a fire pit, tree swing and hammock. Inside this cozy escape, you’ll find a full kitchen, a fireplace, a television and board games for those rainy nights. Sunsets are best enjoyed from that deck or through the large windows in the family room. 

Rustic Cozy Cabin (Bragg Creek) 

Rustic Cozy Cabin

If you enjoy soaking in a private outdoor hot tub surrounded by nature, you’ll love this feature at this rustic getaway. Follow a relaxing soak with an evening curled up by the wood stove, playing board games or listening to old vinyl records.  

The rugged feel of this place makes your stay almost feel like camping except with all these fantastic amenities. The best part is that there’s no cell phone reception so you can enjoy what nature has to offer without being distracted by modern technology. 

Little Beaver Lake Lodge (Red Deer)

Little Beaver Lake Lodge

It’s rural, it’s next to a beautiful lake, and it’s definitely peaceful at this cozy cottage. Enjoy a more relaxing pace with a nap in the hammock, sit around a fire, or sip on some hot chocolate as you gaze at the night sky. You won’t want to leave this place when it’s all said and done!

Prairie Rose Cottage (Fort Macleod)

Prairie Rose Cottage (Fort Macleod)

This quaint little place features more modern amenities for those who like a bit of luxury in their cabin getaway. A full kitchen, Wi-Fi service, a television and a Blu-ray player are some of the amenities available. Of course, we can’t forget about the hot tub, spacious living room and beautiful garden. 

Caboose Cabins (Mossleigh)

Caboose Cabins

Another one of the best cabins for rent in Alberta, isn’t exactly a cabin! While they aren’t your typical traditional log cabin, the Caboose Cabins are quite unique! Surrounded by trees and wilderness, these historic cabooses have been transformed into luxurious accommodations that feel like authentic train cars and part modern hotels. Enjoy access to a private deck, fire pit, and all of the amenities you need for comfort and enjoyment. 

Enchanted River Cottage (Drumheller)

Enchanted River Cottage

Enchanted River Cottage is an amazing place to unwind for a touch of luxury with old-world appeal. The property features many amenities, both inside and out. Laze around in the relaxing Jacuzzi or enjoy a spa treatment.  

Enjoy access to a fireplace and gaze at the scenery through floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll find a spacious patio, beautiful gardens and a firepit outside. There are many exciting things to do, including river tubing, horseback riding, and hiking. 

Stardust Inn and Chalets (Pincher Creek)

Stardust Inn and Chalets

Located in the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains, these modern cabins are cozy and equipped with all the comforts of home, including kitchen facilities, Wi-Fi service, BBQ facilities, and a beautiful courtyard where you can watch the night sky or just admire the scenery. 

The 1944 Robb Cabin (Robb)

The 1944 Robb Cabin

This historic home turned vacation property was constructed back in 1944 and is situated in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. Amenities include a full kitchen and dining area, a fireplace and BBQ facilities. The beautiful outdoor space features a covered deck and a fire pit

The Burrow (Three Hills)

The Burrow
Image by Good Knights Entertainment Ltd.
  • Address: Three Hills, Alberta
  • Website: The Burrow

You don’t have to be a Hobbit to enjoy a stay at The Burrow, but you’ll definitely feel like one while you’re there! This adorable cottage is tucked into a hillside. It features many amenities, including a full kitchen, stone fireplace, and outdoor hot tub where you’ll enjoy a relaxing soak under the stars. 

Pine Lake Cabin Rentals (Wood Buffalo National Park)

Pine Lake Cabin Rentals
Image by Parks.canada.ca

One of the best cabins to rent in Alberta is this one in Wood Buffalo National Park. If basic is all you need, these rentals are perfect for roughing it in the wilderness. Some of the amenities available are a wood stove, propane stove, and battery-operated lamps. 

You’ll enjoy a beautiful location right on Pine Lake, and if you stay in the Patrol Cabin, you’ll find a cozy retreat that is much the same as it was when it was used as a warden patrol cabin. The Aurora Cottage is named after the northern lights that are often spotted. You can use the on-site fire pits, trails, boat launches, and canoe rentals nearby. 

Caroline Holiday Log Cabin (Caroline)

Caroline Holiday Log Cabin 

Imagine a cozy log cabin in the middle of the woods surrounded by nothing but wilderness on all sides. Now imagine sitting around a fire pit under a clear night sky or relaxing on a deck with your morning coffee. You don’t have to imagine at this cabin because this is what you’ll get!

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