11 Reasons to Visit Abraham Lake in Alberta (the Bubble Lake)

You’ve likely seen photos of Abraham Lake in Alberta, whether you know it or not. Abraham Lake is well known for the dizzying amount of methane ice bubbles that are locked away in the lake’s clear ice during the winter months. This man-made lake on the North Saskatchewan River in David Thompson Country is a …

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Canoe in Banff

20 Banff Rental Car Tips You SHOULD Know

A car rental in Banff can make or break your trip to the Canadian Rockies. Having a car gives you the option to get everywhere you want in the park on your own time. However, there are some things to know when renting a car in Banff. We dig into them here! Banff Rental Car …

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Johnson Lake

15 Things to Know About Johnson Lake, Banff

Johnson Lake is one of our favorite lakes in Banff because it’s often overlooked by the more popular Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka. It’s known as a local favorite for various reasons, but it is one of my favorite lakes in Banff. Heading to Johnson Lake is one of the best things in Banff on a sunny …

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alberta hot springs

10 AMAZING Alberta Hot Springs For A Soak

We often get asked where to find the best Alberta hot springs, and sadly, our answer is that there aren’t as many glorious natural hot springs in Alberta as many may think. Still, there are some fantastic places to sit, soak, relax, and take in the views in Alberta. From Banff to Jasper, here are …

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things to do in fernie, bc

21 BEST Things To Do In Fernie, BC

Along the beautiful Elk River is one of our favorite towns in British Columbia – Fernie, BC. There are so many things to do in Fernie in both the winter and summer we are positive you will love it too! In the winter, it’s one of the best places in British Columbia to head. With …

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Winter in Banff Best Time To Visit Banff

What To Wear In Banff In Winter

If you need guidance on what to wear in Banff in winter, we have the perfect packing list. It’s best to come prepared because winter in the Canadian Rockies can be frigid. Winter in Banff can alternate between 3C° to -5 C° to -40 C°, the same in both Celcius and Fahrenheit. Temperatures can be …

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Cascade Mountain from Banff Avenue - Downtown Banff

Visiting Banff in January? Here’s All You Need to Know (2024)

So you want to visit Banff in January? As someone who loves winter in the Canadian Rockies, this is a great time to visit Banff. While most people head to Banff in the summer, the winter is just, if not more magical. There’s still so much to do in Banff in the winter, especially if …

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12 Canmore Airbnbs, Chalets, and Rentals You’ll LOVE

Located right next to Banff National Park, Canmore is the more internationally unknown town when compared to the famed Banff. There are so many things to do in Canmore, we actually think it’s a better place to stay than Banff many days. You can hike, cross-country ski, mountain bike, and participate in many other activities. …

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Where to Stay in Banff at Christmas Time

You can’t get much better than Banff at Christmastime. Come December in Banff, and the holiday festivities are in full swing, the snow is falling, and the feeling of Christmas is in the air! While you can stay at any Banff hotel on your holiday and have a fantastic time, some properties just do Christmas …

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Lake Louise Winter - Banff in December

Visiting Banff in December 2023? Here’s ALL You Need to Know

Banff in December is one of the best times of the year to visit the Canadian Rockies. If you are into winter, snow, and hot chocolate, that is. Banff in December is the most magical time of year. You are almost guaranteed a white Christmas, so if that is what you are after, then consider …

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