17 Free Banff Activities to Enjoy

Feeling stuck looking for free things to do in Banff? In all honestly, it’s extremely easy to find free Banff activities. You’re in a national park, and enjoying nature is free! That being said there are some pretty expensive Banff activities you can do, so if you’re on a budget you’ll want to stay away from those.

Things like the Banff Gondola, a sleigh ride at Lake Louise, and a boat cruise on Lake Minnewanka can really add up. So we wanted to put together our favorite free and cheap Banff activities you can enjoy!

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The Best Free Banff Activities

Johnston Canyon

The Johnston Canyon walk is the best thing you can do in Banff in the winter or summer for free. In the winter it’s truly magical and has fewer tourists (but still busy). Have you ever stood on a frozen waterfall before? Neither had we until the Johnston Canyon hike.

Due to the elevation of the region and the sub-zero temperatures of winter the waterfalls of Banff freeze every winter, and the falls at Johnston Canyon are no exception. It’s a pretty surreal experience and completely accessible for all.

As a tip, we suggest picking up some ice cleats in town if you visit Banff in the winter. Although the trail is well managed it can get icy and it’s better to have the ice cleats than slip everywhere on the trail – ours were very handy! Once you reach the end of the trail and the most impressive frozen fall you’ll probably find some ice climbers.

Banff in the summer is a completely different experience and nice to watch the waterfalls in motion. Johnston Canyon is one of the easiest hikes you can do around Banff, with a well-maintained trail that is suitable for all ages.

Hike to Lake Agnes

The Lake Agnes Teahouse trek is a popular thing to do in Banff for visitors to Lake Louise. This is an easy to moderate hike above Lake Louise that is suitable for all visitors to Banff. If you’re already visiting Lake Louise you should seriously consider adding this hike to your Banff itinerary.

The best part is when you reach Lake Agnes you’ll not only find a beautiful lake, but also an iconic teahouse to enjoy tea and a scone. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful spots for tea in the entire world.

Hike Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain is one of our favorite Banff activities because it’s right in the heart of Banff, it’s a free and easy hike, can be hiked all year round, and it’s beloved by locals.

Tunnel Mountain is a great hike for all with gradual elevation gain the entire hike. At the top you’ll get amazing views over both Mount Rundle and the town of Banff. Sunrise and sunset here never disappoint. If you’re a quick hiker you can easily complete the Tunnel Mountain hike in under an hour round trip.

Walk the Moraine Lake Shoreline

Moraine Lake

Visiting Moraine Lake is a must-do while in Banff. It’s one of the most beautiful sights in the entire world and will surely take your breath away. Visiting, although it can be chaotic in the summer, is one of the best things to do in Banff for free.

Take in the million-dollar view from the top of the Rockpile trail and then continue on to walk the shoreline. This is a flat trail that works its way along the shoreline of the lake and back. It’s a wonderful trail that moves in and out of the forest with great views of the lake and mountains.

You’ll be shocked at how few visitors to Moraine Lake go just a little further than the rockpile trail, but we promise you crowds thin out the further away from the parking area you go. At the end of the hike is a boardwalk near the waters flowing down from Wenkchemna pass.

Keep in mind that while visiting Moraine Lake is free, parking during the summer and fall is a serious struggle and you should plan to be at Moraine Lake before the sunrises to ensure a spot.

Visit Surprise Corner

Banff Activities

Visiting Surprise Corner is an easy and quick free thing to do in Banff. It’s here you will find amazing views of the Bow and Spray Valley including the best images of the Banff Springs Hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Banff. If you want to hike you can also go on a 7.7 hike through the Hoodoos (A series of thin spires of rock that have formed after years of erosion).

Wander Around Cascade Gardens

Cascade Gardens

If you’re strolling around Downtown Banff in the summer you can’t miss a stop at Cascade Gardens. It’s located behind Park Canada’s building right at the end of Banff Ave.

The Cascade of Time Garden is a great free Banff attraction that anyone can enjoy while they are just strolling around downtown. From the garden, you get great views of Rundle and Cascade Mountain.

Hike Up Sulphur Mountain

Banff Gondola Hike

Sulphur Mountain is one of the closest mountains to hike in Banff. It’s also the site of the Banff Gondola, which is not free or cheap. You can either take the Banff Gondola up, or hike on a series of switchback trails to the top for free. Considering you are looking at a list of free Banff activities I will assume you are interested in hiking up!

I honestly prefer the hike not only to save money but to get the legs moving. At the top, you’ll have amazing views over the Bow Valley and the entire town of Banff. It’s not a hard hike, but it does involve plenty of switchback trails with with views. Fast hikers can be up in an hour, but plan for the hike up to take two hours.

Swim in Johnson Lake

Banff Activities

Johnson Lake is one of our favorite lakes in Banff because it’s often overlooked by the more popular Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka. It’s a great lake to stroll around and enjoy the views of Mount Rundle.

Johnson Lake is also one of the best lakes in Banff to take a dip in. It’s warm and not wind affected like so many other lakes in the Canadian Rockies. Plus there is a hidden rope swing on this lake!

Ice Skate on Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka is an amazing lake that is 21 km long and 142 meters deep and helps power Banff with hydroelectric power. At that size it’s easily one of the largest lakes in the Rockies (as well as Maligne Lake in Jasper)

In the summer it’s a busy place to hike, picnic, and go canoeing on, and in the winter it’s a sight to behold. Typically around December or January Lake Minnewanka will freeze and become a giant ice skating rink! Although you can ice skate on many of the lakes in the Rockies, Lake Minnewanka has always been one of my favorites!

Enjoy Sunset at Vermilion Lakes

Vermilion Lakes Sunset Couple

Vermilion Lakes reflect the iconic Mount Rundle that looms over the town of Banff and are the ultimate Banff photography spot. The series of three lakes are situated west of Banff and are fed by the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies.

They can be seen from right off the Tran-Canada, but you’ll need to stop to grab an epic photo. Don’t just stop off the Trans Canada either, head down Vermilon Lakes rd so you can get out of the car and walk on the docks to get up close to Mount Rundle. Vermilion Lakes are one of my favorite Banff attractions to just chill out at, particularly because there are a few docks to sit and read a book at.

Take Photographs at the Mt. Norquay Lookout

Banff Activities

Another great Banff attraction is the Mt Norquay Viewpoint gives exceptional views over Mount Rundle. You know it’s an exceptional Banff activity because Parks Canada has put a few of its iconic red chairs there for visitors to sit and marvel at the view. To reach this destination you’ll need to drive to Mt. Norquay for about 4.8 km till you reach a pull-off point on your right-hand side.

Drive the Bow Valley Parkway

Biking the Bow Valley Parkway

The Bow Valley Parkway (or the 1A) is a road that every visitor to Banff National Park should drive on at least once. It’s a great alternative to the Trans-Canada when connecting Banff to Lake Louise. Although it’s much slower than the highway, it allows visitors ample time to get out of the car and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Driving the Bow Valley Parkway is one of the best free things you can do in Banff and a fun Banff activity for the whole family. There are so many beautiful stops on it, including Johnston Canyon and Morant’s Curve. To drive the entire parkway will take you between 1.5-2 hours. I find it most beautiful in the winter when the trees are powdered with snow, however in the summer you can cycle the road with very few cars around you.

Spot Wildlife

Banff Activities

A lot of visitors head to Banff solely for wildlife spotting. There are so many beautiful animals in Banff to see. Like bears, moose, elk, deer, owls, coyotes, and foxes. Although seeing these creatures is never a given, you stand a strong chance at seeing at least some of them in Banff.

We frequently have elk roaming through our backyard. Please remember if you want to pull over to take photos of wildlife to do so safely and make sure you are out of the way of traffic.

Free Banff Activities in the Winter

These are just a few of my favorite Banff winter activities. For the full list check out our things to do in Banff in the winter.

Walk on Lake Louise

Lake Louise freezes completely over every winter providing you the opportunity to walk or snowshoe on and explore the stunning area.

Banff Ice Festival

Lake Louise Ice Castle Banff Winter

For 12 days around January 15 – 26 (check dates first though), there is a very special event at Lake Louise. The Ice Magic event is what winter in Canada is all about. This is where ice comes alive and serves as a form of art and architectural design. During this time you can watch artists from around the world carve different frozen figures.

It’s free to visit the ice carving events between Monday – Friday and on the weekends before 10 a.m. or after 5:30 p.m. During peak times on the weekend an admission fee is charged.

If you can’t make the dates of the actual Ice Magic events don’t worry, the carvings will be on display throughout February. If you bring your ice skates you can enjoy skating on Lake Louise beforehand.

Check Out Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is the most famous lake in Banff National Park you’ve probably never heard of before. It’s a turquoise blue glacier-fed lake 40 km north of Lake Louise and a popular stop on the famous Icefields Parkway. The brilliant display of blue is fed by the Peyto Glacier high above the lake and part of the Wapta Icefield.

It’s stunning in the summer, but in the dead of winter, you can still see a beautiful frozen wonderland. If you get here in October right after the first snowfall, but before the lake freezes it makes for an extra special sight! It’s a great place to go for a snowshoe in Banff, but be mindful to not continue on to Bow Summit as it is avalanche terrain, and you should have proper avalanche knowledge.

See the Frozen Bow Falls

Bow Falls are one of those must-see Banff activities in the winter. They are only a short walk away from the town and take you into magnificent nature. Depending on when in the winter you go to see them they may be frozen, which is a treat to see.

How to Save Money in Banff

  • Visit During the Off Season: The high seasons in Banff are between June and September, and December and February. These are when the prices are the highest. To get lower prices on things like hotels and discounts on local attractions visit outside these times.
  • Be Wise About Your Parks Canada Pass Purchase: You can purchase a Parks Canada pass at any park gate. Or you can buy them in advance online. A Parks Canada Discovery Pass which gets you entrance to all Parks Canada destinations for the year is only $139.40 for a family. Day passes are $10 per person, so if you are a group who is visiting Banff for more than two days it’s worth it to get the full year.
  • Avoid Paid Banff Activities: I should start off saying that some of the paid experiences in Banff are spectacular. Nothing will ever beat my horseback trip in Banff, for example. However some are tourist traps in my opinon, like the Jasper Skywalk and you can often achieve the same thing by putting in some legwork (literal) for free. There are plenty free things to do in Banff that cost $0 so take advantage of this.
  • Fuel Up Outside of the Park: Gas costs the most in Banff and Lake Louise so to save money on fuel you should try and fill up outside of the park if possible. My favorite place for gas is in Dead Man’s Flats which is cheaper than Canmore. Canmore is cheaper than gas in Banff, and the cheapest place of all is in Calgary.
  • Buy Food from the Grocery Store: While it’s fantastic to eat out at all the yummy Banff restaurants this is going to put a dent in your wallet. To save money on food make sure to buy from the grocery stores and cook your own dinners, and pack packed luck for hikes out!
  • Take Public Transport: The ROAM transport is surprisingly efficient for a little mountain town. The ROAM bus will take you to some of the hot spots like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake and also shuttle you between Banff and Canmore, which is a great way to save money in Banff when you don’t have a car.
  • Check for Local Discounts: If you are a local Alberta resident you may get some special discounts, especially in the offseason when booking hotels and Banff activities. Check or call with the operator first to find out if you qualify.
  • Stay in Canmore: While the town next to Banff is still an expensive touristy one, it’s often slightly cheaper than Banff so check out the Airbnbs in Canmore and the Hotels in Canmore before booking a place in Banff first. However, unfortunately neither mountain town is particular inexpensive.

Plan Your Trip to the Canadian Rockies

  • Hotels in the Rockies: From luxury hotels to wilderness cabins, there are plenty of places to stay in the Rockies. See all our favorites here.

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